It’s not just the transformation of a raw space that I envision, it’s the transformation of the people who have the opportunity to experience it. By investing in beauty, you in turn live a more beautiful life.
— Anne-Marie Barton

Thanks for listening.

Anne-Marie stands at the intersection of design, building, and remodeling. 

Anne-Marie's blending of modern form and function with authentic vintage detail creates energy, fresh simplicity, and livability.

Grounded in classic principles, AMB's homes entail organic ingredients such as dry white oak floors, walnut, bronze, woolen textiles, and rich hues to create what she calls the "real factor"—leaving no space untouched by a sense of natural. She strives to create environments that raise the quality of life of those who live there.    

Best known for early collaboration with architects, builders, and clients, Anne-Marie delivers a detailed, seamless result by bringing a grassroots approach to every project. With over 20 years of experience, she eliminates the fear factor when embarking on what is sure to be a profoundly satisfying experience.  

Anne-Marie's work can be found in California, New York City, Connecticut, Memphis, and throughout her home state of Utah. Her list of over 200 clients includes NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, and professional golfer Johnny Miller. AMB Design enjoys a large variety of style and scope, with projects ranging from the prestigious St. Regis in Deer Valley to The Silverado Resort in Napa Valley to a country manor home in rural Connecticut and the 50k square-foot Fusion-io headquarters.