It’s not just the transformation of a raw space that I envision, it’s the transformation of the people who have the opportunity to experience it. By investing in beauty, you in turn live a more beautiful life.
— Anne-Marie Barton

Thanks for listening.

Anne-Marie stands at the intersection of design, building, and remodeling. 

Anne-Marie's blending of modern form and function with authentic vintage detail creates energy, fresh simplicity, and livability.

Grounded in classic principles, AMB's homes entail organic ingredients such as dry white oak floors, walnut, bronze, woolen textiles, and rich hues to create what she calls the "real factor"—leaving no space untouched by a sense of natural. She strives to create environments that raise the quality of life of those who live there.    

Best known for early collaboration with architects, builders, and clients, Anne-Marie delivers a detailed, seamless result by bringing a grassroots approach to every project. With over 20 years of experience, she eliminates the fear factor when embarking on what is sure to be a profoundly satisfying experience.  

Anne-Marie's work can be found in California, New York City, Connecticut, Memphis, and throughout her home state of Utah. Her list of over 200 clients includes NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, and professional golfer Johnny Miller. AMB Design enjoys a large variety of style and scope, with projects ranging from the prestigious St. Regis in Deer Valley to The Silverado Resort in Napa Valley to a country manor home in rural Connecticut and the 50k square-foot Fusion-io headquarters.  


Design Philosophy


For 25 years, I truly believe if you invest in beauty it will stay with you all the days of your life.

I grew up with parents who had day jobs, but on the side they designed and built a new home every time we moved (9 times before starting high school). There was never a time when  samples were not rolling around in our car… Rarely a time when house plans were not a part of the dining table conversation. I literally grew up immersed in aesthetics and “the build” with parents who had no training but a whole lot of raw courage. They taught me how to “envision” without even knowing it.

At the heart of what we do is: “CARE ABOUT WHAT WE SEE” because ultimately what we see around us influences the way we feel. 

No, we are not saving lives, but, without a doubt, we are influencing the lives people live.  How many professions out there are in the business of delivering dreams? Ultimately, We are a part of creating a space that inspires others to raise their own bars and live a more beautiful life.


Hearing the word “trends” usually causes me a little pause. “Trendy” seems to be the antithesis of words like timeless and authentic which I strive to include in my work daily. Something about the word "trendy" feels like I am literally selling out.

But trends are actually:

  • Nothing more than a subtle wave.
  • An undercurrent that moves us forward.
  • Immeasurable.
  • Trends keep us considering new ideas.
  • Striving to be a step in front of ourselves.
  • Doesn’t always mean a compromise of integrity.

Trends can fuel the re-invention of something classic making it fresh and improved.  

In less than 20 years, we have gone from yellow brass to polished nickel and now back to brass. Only this time, what’s amazing about it is that we have gone all the way back to classic, unlaquered brass.  Undercooked, rubbed not sprayed, natural and used, not perfect and new.

We trade the polished brass unequivocally for the feel of unlaquered, the zinc over the shiny copper, the raw steel over the powder coated any day.

So perhaps brass IS trendy, but timeless and here to stay. Because REAL is always on trend.

We also like our woods undercooked, unlacquered, and natural. We want to see what makes the wood, wood!

This is how I have defined Organic Modern in my work, the mix of the slick with the natural, toning down the modern enough to make it livable. Its “the mix” that provides the essential sense of history and charm.


Today, we rely on texture instead of color to create contrast. Opposing textures “mixed” provides energy! Go Ahead and merge raw goods with finished. Dirty with clean. Texture with refined.

A contradiction of materials is invaluable to warm, to soothe, to remain informal and comfortable.


When it comes to Color : gray is now so clearly a part of our DNA, a safe haven, but it's really the new neutral where beige once was or white. From there we go as far and wide as we wish with that undercurrent of calm.


In fact the new trend is MAXMILISM, not minimalism. There is more emphasis on design freedoms.

Instead of relying on conventions or pre-determined sets of rules for a particular aesthetic, we have the ability to create a one-of-a-kind space that suits who our clients really are.

Just like fashion and art, where I draw many of my cues, consumers want to express themselves and “maximalism” allows them to do that. In a time when everything tends to look the same at RH MODERN and Instagram——it’s exciting to see this new trend catch on.

People are ready to get REAL. This explains the realness in the finishes but also it points to celebrating the way people actually live. This is perhaps why I believe the white kitchen may have reached its expiration date.


  • No longer craving colder kitchens demanding to be kept clean.
  • Craving homey, lounge style kitchens/relate more to a family room than a bar.  
  • The kitchen remains the heart of the home so it must speak to comfort, warmth, luxe appliances and electronics along with self service glassware and dishes, honed countertops, and a coffee bar islands where a couple can dine and actually look at one another.  

I see a continued affection for “the mix” with metal finishes in our kitchen design, furniture, bathroom fixtures, lighting, cabinet hardware and accessories. Bronze, brass, satin brass, polished and black nickel now all work together and are interchangeable. 


  • Rely on decorative lighting to do the heavy lifting.
  • Lighten up on the expected stuff. Like recessed cans in grid patterns.
  • Light only what needs to be lit!
  • Appreciate the shadows.
  • Mix in track lighting, channeled light pockets.                
  • Utilize indirect lighting along the ceiling walls with crevices for use of LED.


Applied hardware throughout is expected, try partnering with finger pulls and touch latches!


Its time to curate a mix of vintage accessories and art to tell a personal story. Mixing found items, books and art into your space creates a unique and personal experience. I really dont believe in props on shelves, let’s instead artfully fill our homes with stuff you really use.

When I start a project I imagine my client wishing to raise their own bar, to be more scullery, wanting and deserving aesthetic choices that are equally practical.

I dream the dream with them.   

I believe people are more willing now to invest for a lifetime with quality first.  They are willing to go smaller with more value and realize that “bigger is not better” because they want living to be, above all, an experience.


  1. "Keep It Real" with contrasting finishes, accessories, style and the way you live in it!
  2. Curating “the Mix” Not choosing one or the other but curating a contrasting combination that infuses our design with energy.

We all are unique, and what drives each of us is different. We believe in listening and designing for the one-of-a-kind client.